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John Adams

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Thomas Jefferson

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James Monroe

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An Introduction to the Purpose, Content and Operation of this Website

Welcome to JS5.Org, one citizen's personal reflections on early American history, with particular emphasis upon the the character and political beliefs of the founding fathers. Although I attained a bachelors degree is in American history in 1968, I did not then fully appreciate the extraordinary legacy provided by our first generation of American statesmen. Over forty years later, amid repeated disillusion with modern politicians and other so-called leaders of our time, I revisited the lives and experiences of our early leaders. I found that the founding fathers were not only great men of their time, but have much of value to teach us today. We clearly owe so much to so relatively few.

This website is necessarily a work in progress; so to speak, a labor of love. I am certainly not being paid to do this, nor do I solicit funding. Conversely, with so much that needs to be said, my contribution will no doubt be grossly inadequate. It is, never the less, a start. This website no longer displays an under construction notification, but under construction it will probably always be. Optimized for higher resolutions, its appearance is still acceptable as low as 1024x768. The lower the screen resolution, the larger defined pixel images, such as embedded YouTube video, appear relative to the browser window. Since the default YouTube video size has been reduced to accommodate viewers with lower resolution displays, lower resolution site visitors benefit from a larger effective video size. It is human to err and as such you can expect my reflections to change with time. While I am retired, I still teach college part time and, like other retired folks, have filled my life with other non-job related pursuits as well.

The design of the website is fairly simple, and hopefully intuitive. While virtually all modern browsers support frames, this site is available in a framed and default non-framed format. Admittedly, my reason for having a non-framed alternative and making it the default is not difficult to understand. Most major search engines, including industry giant Google with well over 60% of total searches, do not effectively navigate and register frames. The problem lies with their use of robots that crawl the Internet for content and index it for accessibility. Ultimately, a website has to be found to be read, ergo the choice to have a non-framed alternative and make it the default. All content is available regardless of the format chosen. Selecting Wikipedia Text under George Washington will access Wikipedia information regarding our first president under the Constitution. Selecting the bust of a founding father displays a synopsis of that leader's principle accomplishments in a small pop-up window. Far more extensive biographical information is available by selecting the Wikipedia Text link associated with a founding father. The same is true of biographical videos (BioVideo).

YouTube video is embedded regardless of website variant. Embedded video defaults to 640x505 pixels, which is larger than the default size offered by YouTube. Videos can also be viewed full screen by selecting in the lower right corner of the YouTube panel. Pressing the Esc key will return the viewer to the 640x505 format. JS5.Org embedded video defaults to privacy mode, which should preclude YouTube's depositing of cookies on your computer. The optional embedded code was not selected; examination of the resultant code reveals provision for an apparent future advertising message. Our video format also avoids advertising and at times inappropriate commentary or content associated with the standard YouTube interface. Since YouTube was purchased by Google in November 2006, this site relies upon the good operating reputation of the parent firm to ensure that embedded YouTube videos are in compliance with United States and international copyright laws.

The framed website variant, depicted in the adjacent graphic, is decidedly faster because the static frames are only loaded once. Static frames on this website include the title frame above and selection frame to the left. Because only the content of the large lower right frame changes depending upon selections made in the static selection box, navigation is decidedly simplified. That is, the back arrow on the browser need never be touched because the title and selection frames remain visible. The so-called dark side of using frames is that the same mechanism that makes navigation faster and easier precludes the viewer from book marking the dynamic frame content. This problem will be resolved in a near term upgrade to the framed website variant.

The non-framed website variant avoids the temporary problem with book marking, but also runs decidedly slower, manifests return navigation complications and lacks the polished appearance of the framed variant. Accordingly, if you select an underlined link from the narrow box on the left under the bust and name of a founding father, your browser will be redirected to the content suggested by the link label. To return to this page, you will have to press the back arrow one or more times. Of course, if your browser supports tabs and you have elected to use them, returning to the main (index) page is only a matter of selecting the associated tab. Closing the tabs associated with unneeded pages will exit that page. Similarly, if you have elected to open a new page in its own window in lieu of a tab, then closing the window has the same effect.

Website Privacy Policy

 This site does not knowingly install software of any kind on your computer, including cookies. If you clear you browser cache, there should be no information associated with JS5.Org on your computer. A hypertext script is employed to graphically depict visitors to this site by their location on a revolving globe. Aside from the depiction of your location on the revolving globe, together with the associated date and time, I know of no other information being recorded.

 This site is hosted on a business account at Network Solutions, which does routinely collect non-personal information regarding visitors to their supported sites. For example, the operating system and browser used to access the site are recorded; your name or email address are not. I have never been particularly comfortable with government and businesses knowing as much as they do about my personal life, and respect the desire of others to retain a reasonable degree of privacy. As a retired federal agent and former field grade military officer granted access to highly classified material, I doubt there is much the United States Government does not already know about me. Conversely, doubtlessly like some of you, I would just as soon that level of insight was not extended to businesses and others not having a need to know. In effect, my privacy policy is to not to do to others what I would not want done to myself.

For those requiring additional anonymity, IP address masking is offered by numerous companies here and abroad. Most employ an encrypted channel virtual private network in which your IP address is exchanged for that of a server located elsewhere in the world.